The Basics of DraftKings Soccer Scoring and Rules


Across the pond there is another type of football currently in the hearts of minds of fans. We call it soccer, but they of course refer to it as football. It’s the number one sport in the world so it’s no surprise that the site is gaining some traction at America’s top daily fantasy sports site, DraftKings.

With the sport gaining popularity on this side of the pond and the English Premier League in full swing, we thought we go over the rules of how daily fantasy sports contests are played at DraftKings.

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How DraftKings Soccer Contests Work

To start off with, DFS participants are given a fictional salary of $50,000 to draft an 8-man roster that consists of a goalkeeper, 2 defensive positions, 2 midfield positions, 2 forward positions and a flex position, which can be any position except a goalkeeper. Another caveat of picking your team is that you have players from at least 3 different EPL teams to submit your lineup.

The object of DraftKings’ daily fantasy soccer contests is to draft the best team you can while staying under the $50,000 salary cap. Salaries are adjusted on a weekly basis and stay static once the contests are posted.

DraftKings’ soccer contests are centered around the English Premier League, the world’s most popular soccer league. Contest types available to players are the same as NFL: Tournaments/Leagues, Head to Head, 50/50s & Double Ups, Multipliers, Satellites and Qualifiers. You may join or create as many contests that you would like.

The number of your opponents will depend on the contest you wish to join. Finish as one of the top participants in the contests to win the posted prize.

English Premier League matches usually run on Saturday and Sunday with a Monday match every other week. Slates for EPL daily soccer matches are typically the same each week: all day Saturday, Saturday late games (after 10 AM ET) and all day Sunday. Although you may reserve your entry, you must finalize your lineup before the first games start. DraftKings soccer contests will never consist of mixed leagues (for example the Champions League and English Premier League).

DraftKings Soccer Scoring Points System

Your drafted players will earn points according to the following schedule:

Goal Scored: +10 Points
Assist: +6 Points
Shot: +1 Point
Shot on Goal: +1 Point
Crosses: +1 PTs (Crosses are defined as a ball that is sent in from the wing position into the box for offensive purposes. Corner kicks do not count for crosses)
Fouls Drawn: +0.75 Points
Saves (Goalkeeper) = +2 Points
Red Card: -1 Points
Goal Allowed (Goalkeeper) = -2 Points
Clean Sheet (Goalkeeper, Defensive Positions) = +5 Points
One Goal Allowed (Goalkeeper, Defensive Positions) = +2 Points
Win (Goalkeeper)= +5 Points
Penalty Kick Save (Goalkeeper) = +3 Points

There a few different scoring notes that should be considered when making your lineups:

Although rare, goalkeepers will not receive offensive stats for goals, assists, shots, shots on goals and crosses.
Goalkeepers will be required to play a full 60 minute match to qualify for the clean sheet, one goal bonus or to quality for the 5 points for a win. Penalty kick shootouts will not be counted for any players and own goals will not count as goals for, but will count as goals against and will count towards clean sheet and one goal allowed calculations.

For a full breakdown of soccer daily fantasy rules, refer to the DraftKings soccer help page.

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