How to Qualify for FanDuel Freerolls


Each month, number one daily fantasy sports site FanDuel offers players the chance to qualify for $2,000 to $8,000 in freerolls. FanDuel Freerolls are a great way for you enjoy DFS while having real money on the line but still not break your pocketbook. So how can you play on FanDuel for free and win money?

Unfortunately, there is no way to fully play real money contests on FanDuel on their dime. FanDuel offers a couple different ways to play free or money-added contests, but before you join these games, you have to play real money contests to earn FDP Points.

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FanDuel Points – Your Ticket to Freerolls on FanDuel

At FanDuel, you can use your points to enter FDP Freerolls. FDP stands for “FanDuel Points” and they are earned every time you enter a real money game. Points are earned at a rate of 10 for each $1 in buy-in fees at FanDuel contests. FanDuel will also occasionally run special promotions that increase the rate at which you earn points.

Each FanDuel Point has a value of approximately $.00416. This means that when entering a $10+1 contest, you will earn 10 FanDeul Points, the equivalent of $0.04, or 4% of the buy-in fee. This can be looked at as a form of rebate when playing on FanDuel.

Once you have enough Fan Duel points, you will be able to use your FDPs to join any regular real money contests at FanDuel when you locate a contest you want to join. Before submitting your lineup, you will be given the option of “enter using FDPs.” You can count on spending about 2400 FanDuel Points for every $1 of buy-in of the contest.

FanDuel Point Freerolls

In addition to using FanDuel Points to enter contests, FanDuel runs monthly frequent player freerolls that reward players based on how much play they have played during the previous month. The more buy-in fees that a player generates, the larger the freeroll they will be able to enter. FanDuel does not have a VIP program currently, but an activity-based freeroll is often a component of online gaming VIP programs, so this is the closest thing players have for now.

Players qualify for VIP freerolls in the previous month.

  • Bronze: $2,000 freeroll, requires minimum of 1,000 monthly FanDuel Points
  • Silver: $3,000 freeroll, requires minimum of 5,000 monthly FanDuel Points
  • Gold: $5,000 freeroll, requires minimum of 15,000 monthly FanDuel Points
  • Platinum: $8,000 freeroll, requires minimum of 50,000 monthly FanDuel Points

Players will be given access to each freeroll that they qualify for, so if you earn 50,000 FDPs during June, you will be able to enter the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum freerolls.

Once qualifying, the freerolls will be viewable in the lobby a few days before the contests starts. One great thing about these freerolls is that as you move up the ladder, fewer people will likely qualify for the freerolls, given you an excellent opportunity to enter contests with a good amount of overlay.

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