How to Pick a FanDuel Lineup


You know how FanDuel works and you have your money deposited on the site. Now it’s time to find a FanDuel contest and draft your team. It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of playing daily fantasy football — trying to pick that optimal team that will score you the most points on Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

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A Quick Tutorial on How to Pick a FanDuel Team

Before we get started with an instruction on how to select a lineup, watch this quick primer from FanDuel on How to Pick a Team.

The Basics of Picking a FanDuel Lineup

Before selecting a team, you must have a basic understanding of the FanDuel NFL scoring rules. You can read more about that in our daily fantasy sports NFL scoring guide. In essence, you will want to try to draft the best nine-man team while keeping under a fictional $60,000 salary which FanDuel has assigned.

The idea is to pick a team that will score the most points in whatever contest you decide to join. The scoring system FanDuel uses is likely similar to your season-long contests you are probably familiar with.

Find Your Contest

Once you’re comfortable with the rules, decide on FanDuel contest type and buy-in level. The FanDuel lobby lays the contests out very nicely so it shouldn’t be difficult to find what you are looking for.

Join or Enter a Contest

Get started by either “Creating a Contest” (starting a new game) or “Enter” a contest (join an existing contest), which can be seen in the image below:


When you have either created or entered a contest, now comes the fun part – setting your lineup. That page should look a bit like this:


Before you get started, make sure you are familiar with the slate of games (i.e. Sunday-Monday) that are included in the contest so you know what players are available to draft. This can be seen at the top of the lineup page.

Drafting Players

Once on this page, you can select the positions you wish to add to your team. You may want to add lower salary players to your team first as you can always improve your roster if you are under the cap. If you go over the cap, that’s fine too as FanDuel will not let you to submit your lineup until you are under the cap. Pay special attention to the injury and breaking news notes as you don’t want to be drafting a player whose status may change for the upcoming week.

Go through the lineup one by one selecting your roster until all nine positions have been filled. If you change your mind about your roster after submission – that’s ok. You will have until the start of the first game — which is seen at the top of the lineup page — to edit your roster.

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Importing Lineups Provides Most Efficient Way to Add Existing Lineup

Another note – if you plan to use this roster on another contest, you can use the “Import Lineup” to quickly add your roster when joining other contests. This is also helpful if you simply wish to use a similar lineup – import lineup and then make minor adjustments to field a slightly different set of players. This is especially helpful when having the same core of players, as in the case of multi-entries for a tournament or groups of head to head or 50/50s.

Submit Your Lineup

When your team has been completed, submit your lineup by hitting “Enter” as seen in the image below.


Upon hitting enter, you should be greeted with a confirmation note, detailing that your lineup has been submitted. At this point you can can now join other contests, duplicate your entry or challenge your friends:


That’s it – you’re ready to draft a daily fantasy football lineup on FanDuel.

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