How to Find DraftKings Freerolls


Unlike FanDuel, which awards players with monthly freerolls for frequent players, DraftKings is not nearly as generous with their freeroll contests.

Still, freerolls are very popular when they are available at DraftKings, so much so that one wonders why they aren’t more frequent and lucrative.

So how do you find DraftKings freerolls and what do they look like?

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What is a Freeroll?

Before we get started, let’s make sure we’re clear on what a freeroll actually is.

As the name suggests, a freeroll is a contest that does not cost any money to enter but still gives away a cash prize. DraftKings has many contests that are free, but the vast majority do not pay any prizes.

Players generally find non-freeroll contests boring, because not only do they not pay anything, nobody is really taking the games seriously. This is because there is nothing but bragging rights at stake and since players don’t know most of the other entrants, even that means nothing. Not even play money is given away in these contests.

Freerolls are another story. These contests are free to enter but they differ in that there is something up for stake, even if it is a relatively small prize. Usually, players take these games a more seriously, making them both competitive and fun.

You can get a much better idea of how ou stack up against your competition and you just might win a prize or two.

Where to find DraftKings Freerolls?

To find DraftKings freerolls, you can check the DraftKings promotion section, but you’re likely not to find much information there on DraftKings freerolls. Instead, you need to manually look around to see what freerolls are running for that day or week.

A common type of freeroll available on DraftKings are daily Step Ticket freerolls, which award $10 in tickets for each contest, or once a week for NFL contests.

To locate these contests, the first thing you will need to do is find the sport you want to play. Make sure all “contest types” are selected and then filter contests to display all $0 entry fees by clicking the column. You can also find the contests by clicking “Free to Free” in the entry field drop down.


Here you can see that there are a few NFL free contests being run this week, mixed with a bunch of player-created free contests with no money being awarded.

One thing you will note about DraftKings freerolls is that they will always be guaranteed contests with large maximum entries. As you might imagine, DFS players love free stuff and you will see a lot of players join these contests, even for a small prize.

Once you have found the contests, you are ready to enter the contest and draft your team.

Where else to Find Freerolls

Sometimes checking the DraftKing lobby for freerolls each day is not practical, when all you want to know is if there freerolls available for that day.

Luckily, there are some handy resources online, which help you find upcoming contests. A freeroll finder from Super Lobby is extremely helpful for this. You can find freerolls across multiple daily fantasy sports sites by sorting the fee column by size as seen below: