FanDuel Hockey Scoring and Rules


Even though daily fantasy hockey far from the most popular DFS game, it still has a loyal following among players and fanatics of the NFL. Although many daily fantasy sites offer hockey games, prize pools for top sites like FanDuel usually meet or exceed $100,000 each day, with specials eclipsing that amount.

This post has been updated to reflect major changes to FanDuel NHL scoring.

So how do you get started playing FanDuel daily fantasy hockey contests and what rules do you need to know? If you prefer to play on DraftKings, you can check out the DraftKings DFS hockey rules and scoring guide.

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Understanding the Basics of FanDuel Hockey Rules

To get started, players are given a fictitious $55,000 salary to draft a roster of nine players. The roster for FanDuel contests consists of four wing positions (W), two centers (C), two defensive players (D) and a goalie (G_.

The object of the game is to draft a team that will the most points against your opponents according to the FanDuel scoring rules (listed below).

Daily fantasy hockey games run each day with a couple of different slates to choose from for the day: a “Main” and an “Express” slate. The Main slate is comprised of all games for the day while the Express slate features players just from the later guys. Because of this fact, the Express slate usually has usually much less activity and lower prize polls, but is a fine option if you miss a deadline for entering the Main slate or have devised a strategy to compete in contests with less participants.

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Hockey Rules and Scoring for 2016-2017 Season

All DFS hockey contests at FanDuel follow the same scoring structure of salary, roster and scoring rules.

Forwards and defensive player scoring:

Assists: 8
Goals: 12
Power Play Assists: 0.50
Power Play Goals: 0.50
Shots on Goal: 1.60
Short Handed Points: 2.00
Blocked Shots: 1.60

Goalie scoring:

Goals Against (G/G): -4
Shutouts (G/SO): 8
Saves (G/SV): 0.80
Wins (G/W): 12

Finding FanDuel Hockey Contests

Once you are logged on, head on over to the FanDuel lobby. From there, you will find FanDuel’s hockey contests under the NHL icon:


FanDuel players will have a full selection of contests to choose from including leagues and tournaments with prize pools up to $100,000, head to head contests, 50/50s and multipliers. Make sure the Main slate is selected, enter a contest and begin drafting your team.