FanDuel Football Scoring for Beginners 2016


In daily fantasy sports, every stat and every point can matter. And it’s one thing to be able to predict how a player will perform. It’s another to take that prognostication and apply it to a DFS site’s specific scoring structure. This is because an optimal lineup can be very different from one DFS site to another based on scoring alone.

FanDuel daily fantasy scoring has changed a bit since 2015 so if you’re still setting lineups based on last year’s stats, you will need to make adjustment today. Let’s take a look at the new schedule so you can make sure you are up to speed as you set your lineups during the 2016 NFL season.

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What is FanDuel Football Scoring?

If you are new to daily fantasy sports, the DFS scoring may be different than what you are used to. Make sure you are familiar with FanDuel NFL scoring before setting your lineups each Sunday. The following chart lists the FanDuel NFL scoring schedule.

FanDuel NFL Scoring
Rushing Yards (per yard)0.1 (10 per 100)
Rushing Touchdowns6
Receiving Yards (per yard)0.1 (10 per 100)
Receiving Touchdowns6
Passing Yards (per yard)0.04 (4 per 100)
Passing touchdown4
Fumbles Lost-2
Punt or Kickoff Return touchdown6
Own Fumbles Recovered for Touchdown6
2 Point Conversions Scored2
2 Point Conversions Passing2
Field Goal (0-39 yards)3
Field Goal (40-49 yards)4
Field Goal (50+ yards)5
Extra Point Conversion1
Defensive Stats (awarded to Team Defense)
Opponent Fumble Recovery2
Return Touchdown6
Extra Point Return6
Blocked Punt or Kick2
0 points allowed10
1-6 points allowed7
7-13 points allowed4
14-20 points allowed1
21-27 points allowed0
28-34 points allowed-1
35 or more points allowed-4

You may notice some differences from your other fantasy leagues. For example, a passing touchdown is worth four points as opposed to six in some regular fantasy sports leagues. On the flip side, an interception isn’t as bad as in some leagues.

One of the biggest considerations for FanDuel NFL leagues is that they are PPR (points per reception) leagues, meaning offensive players earn points for each catch. These two changes mean that quarterbacks may score less points than you are used to while wide receivers will score more. This is reflected in the salaries but as a beginner, it’s still something that needs to be carefully accounted for when setting your lineups.

The Basics of FanDuel NFL Scoring and Rules

Regardless of what type of contest you play, FanDuel gives DFS participants a $60,000 salary. With that salary, you will attempt to create the best lineup using FanDuel fantasy football scoring schedule. A participant must draft a lineup from a pool of active players during the given slate. Your roster must consist of a quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, a tightend, a kicker and a team defense.

The main scoring difference from DraftKings is that instead of a flex position, FanDuel has a flex position. If you prefer more offense in your contest and don’t like the variance involved in drafting a kicker (they are relatively unpredictable on a week to week basis) you may want to stick to DraftKings. Despite their relative lack of popularity and high variance, the kicker and team defense can make or break your team, so you will still need to choose wisely.

FanDuel offers DFS contests for a variety of contests types including leagues, guaranteed tournaments, head to heads, 50/50s, multipliers and satellites.

The top of your draft screen will show any other rules for the specific contest, including the number of entries, prize structure, number of entries and the type of contest you are playing.