FanDuel CSV Edit Feature Introduced

FanDuel CSV Edit Feature

On Tuesday, FanDuel introduced a new CSV Edit feature which allows DFS players the ability to edit multiple lineups simultaneously with just a few clicks. The feature is especially helpful for lineups that are subject to poor weather or a late injury that could affect a variety of your lineups.

The new feature, a popular request from high volume DFS players, is available to all FanDuel players now.

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Using the FanDuel CSV Edit Feature

A tl;dr version of the FanDuel CSV edit feature introduced on Tuesday:

In short, the FanDuel CSV edit feature allows you to download your lineup entries into a .csv file from a specific slate, edit and then upload.

Finding CSV Edit

To find the FanDuel CSV edit feature, go to your “Upcoming” tab at the top of the page when you are logged in. Once you are viewing your Upcoming lineups, click “CSV Edit” button to begin the process. You can follow the instructions on screen to download the .CSV file and edit your lineup.

Editing lineups via FanDuel CSV Feature

Once you have begun the process, you will need to go through the following steps to update your lineup:

1) Download a CSV file of your current entries. You will need to choose the file path and select the file to upload.
2) Once the file has been downloaded and opened, you will see a list of all your contest entries. On the right hand side of the spreadsheet, you will see a list of eligible players. You can edit an entry by using either the Player ID, Player Name or ID columns.
3) After your updates have been made and saved, you can upload the file that was just edited.
4) When your file has been uploaded, you will receive a confirmation update letting you know if your updates were successful. If any entry failed to change, you can download a new CSV of those entries.

That’s it! This new feature will make it easier for you to edit a large number of lineups. Try it out – for many players this will be faster than editing lineups manually. The new feature may be glitchy at the moment so if you use it, make sure to give yourself enough time before lock.

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