Earning the DraftKings First Deposit Bonus


When you sign-up to DraftKings for the first time you can take advantage of a 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus, which is among the larger bonuses available when signing up for a daily fantasy sports site. In addition to the Draft Kings bonus, you will also receive a free $3 free entry to a real money contest.

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As you go through the sign-up process at DraftKings, you will see DraftKings list the bonus as a “limited time offer.” Don’t worry about the time – you will receive the Draft Kings bonus regardless of when you decide to make your first deposit.


How Does the DraftKings Bonus Work?

Like many daily fantasy sports bonuses, the funds that you receive are not immediately placed into your account. Rather, the funds are put into a separate bonus balance. To receive the bonus into your real money account, you must play real money contests to earn FPPs ( short for Frequent Player Points).

The amount of FPPs you earn per contest can vary but are generally earned at a rate of 1 per $0.25 in entry. You can find the FPPs that you will earn for entering on the draft page.

When you have accumulated 100 FPPs, DraftKings will release $1 of your bonus in your real money account, essentially making every FPP worth $0.01 towards the bonus.

The DraftKings deposit bonus must be earned within 4 months before it will expire. If your bonus has expired and you would still like a bonus you may be able to contact support@draftkings.com to get your bonus extended.

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The Importance of a DraftKings Bonus

Is the DraftKing bonus a material concern to players? Simply put, yes. Whenever you play daily fantasy sports, you pay a fee, which DraftKings and other DFS sites charge to run the game and operate their service. When you earning a bonus, you are essentially getting a rebate on your play during the time you are earning the bonus.

Assuming a 4 FPP per $1 rate when joining a contest, you can expect to earn around 20%-40% of your buy-in fee in cashback, depending on the contest. This is potentially enough to turn a mostly break even player into a winning player when while earning a bonus.

For this reason, if you are a player who knows that you are going to play a lot on DraftKings, it often makes sense to make a deposit that is large enough to yield the maximum bonus, which in this case is $600. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that you will win during this time period but it certainly increases your odds.