DraftKings Hockey Scoring Explained


Wednesday was the start of the NHL season and for DFS players, that means another sport to play daily fantasy sports. While daily fantasy hockey still lags football, baseball and basketball the sport has a daily fantasy following and is growing with the rest of the daily fantasy sports world.

Hundreds of hockey contests are available at DraftKings, the largest daily fantasy sports site offering hockey contests.

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DraftKings Daily Fantasy Hockey Scoring and Rules

DraftKings participants that play daily fantasy hockey at DraftKings will be given a $50,000 salary to draft the lineup of their choosing. The object of the contest is to draft the best lineup you can while staying under the salary cap.

Daily fantasy hockey contests are played over the course of one day — opposed to football contests which can run from Thursday to Monday. If your team scores more than your opponents, you will the cash prize.

For contests such as head to head contests, you will need to beat a single opponent, whereas with larger fields contests such as tournaments and leagues, you will usually need to finish in the top 1/3 or so to place in the contest. Prize pools vary greatly by contest, so be sure to check the prize table before joining.

You will need to pick 9 players on your roster, which will include 3 wing positions, 2 center positions, 2 defensive positions, a utility player and a goalie. Wing positions can be field with either a right wing or left wing, while utility positions can be filled with a wing, center, or defensive position, but not a goalie.

Point Scoring

Points will be scored in the same way for all DraftKings daily fantasy hockey contests, according to the following schedule:

Goal Scored: 3 Points
Assist: 2 Points
Shot on Goal: 0.5 Points
Blocked Shot: 0.5 Points
Short Handed Point Bonus (Goal/Assist): 1 Points
Shootout Goal: 0.2 Points
Hat Trick Bonus: 1.5 Points

In addition, goalies will score points for the following actions:

Team Win: +3 Points
Save: +0.2 Points
Goal Allowed: -1 Points
Shutout Bonus: +2 Points

Additional rules are applicable for the points that goalies earn.

Goalies will receive points for all stats, including goals and assist. In order for the goalie to qualify for a shutout bonus, they must complete the entire game with zero goals allowed during regulation and overtime. Shootout goals will not count towards a shutout, however.

Types of DraftKings Daily Fantasy Hockey Contests

On the first day of the NFL season, DraftKings is offering a $200,000 Return to the Ice Celebration with $25,000 going to first place. Other huge contests include the $100,000 Sniper ($3 buy-in) and the $75,000 Face-Off with a $27 buy-in. Many smaller guaranteed contests are also offered.

In addition to GPPs, DraftKings is offering Beginner, Head to Head, 50/50s, Double Ups and Multiplier contests. You can also qualify for some of the larger contests and steps through the site’s satellites and qualifiers section.

Buy-ins start at just $1 and go all the way up to $10,600. Unlike DraftKings’s daily fantasy football contests, you may not always have easy access to all contests, but most players should find sufficent action at DraftKings’ daily fantasy hockey contests.