A Guide to DraftKings College Basketball Scoring


This time of year is exciting for a daily fantasy sports fan. You have two weeks remaining in the NFL season (not to mention 3 weeks of playoff action), college football as well as the middle of NBA and NHL seasons.

A sport that you don’t hear mentioned a lot during this time of year is college basketball, a DFS sport that is almost exclusively offered at DraftKings (and FanDuel). DraftKings offers daily fantasy college basketball contests for players through March Madness. These contests pick up by late January when there is less demand for players’ attention.

At DraftKings, most weeks players can join guaranteed guests up to $10,000 or more. Head to head, 50/50s, Double Ups, multipliers and satellites are all on the docket for those that want to join the action.

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Rules of DraftKings College Basketball Contests

DraftKings college basketball contests are available under the “CBB” tab in the DraftKings lobby with contests running on most days.



Like with all forms of daily fantasy sports, your goal is create the best roster that you can and beat your opponent or opponents. All DraftKings college basketball contests are set with a $50,000 salary cap that you will use to draft an 8 player roster from games from major conferences including the AAC, ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, SEC and the Pac-12.

Rosters will consist of 3 guard positions, 3 forward positions and 2 utility positions. When you make your roster, you must select players from at least 2 different college basketball teams.



DraftKings College Basketball Scoring Rules

Scoring is identical to DraftKings NBA contests. Each player that you draft for your roster will accumulate points based on the following statistics

Point = 1 Point
Made 3pt. shot = 0.5 Points
Rebound = 1.25 Points
Assist = 1.5 Points
Steal = 2 Points
Block = 2 Points
Turnover = -0.5 Points
Double-Double = 1.5 Points
Triple-Double = 3 Points

As you can see, a made three pointer is actually worth 3.5 points. Steals and blocks are worth more than rebounds and assists. The only negative points you can accumulate for CBB contests are for turnovers.

In addition to points for the individual stats, bonus points are awarded for double-doubles and triple-doubles. DraftKings does limit a player to only 1 double-double or triple-double in the following stat categories: points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals.