Draft.com NFL Scoring and Rules Explained

PlayDRAFT NFL Scoring and Rules

You may have heard of a newer daily fantasy sports site over the last couple years called DRAFT.com, which is sometimes referred to as PlayDRAFT or simply “DRAFT.”

The DFS site has a lot going for it but still lags behind the top DFS sites. But with a focus on simplicity and recreational players, more fans of DFS are giving them a try. Today we will take a look at the NFL scoring and rules when paying at DRAFT.com

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Constructing a Roster at DRAFT.com

DRAFT.com prides itself on a simple game play and roster construction. With only five positions that need to be filled, rosters at DRAFT.com football contests are by far the easiest to construct.

Your goal when playing daily fantasy football at DRAFT.com is to select the players who you project will score the most points – 1 QB, 2 RB positions and 2 positions that can be filled by with either a WR or TE position.

What really differentiates DRAFT.com apart from other DFS sites is the removal of salary caps. With standard contests, you will participate in a live draft that will take fewer than 10 minutes. In “Dream Team” contests — you can even pick players that have been drafted by your opponents.

For these Dream Team contests, if you desire you can select the players who are projected to score the most points. Of course, your goal is to win – so selecting players that score a lot of points but aren’t necessarily projected to score the most points can really help your team.

When setting your DRAFT rosters, you will need to select one player for each position. Due to regulations, your roster must also include players from at least two different games.

Below is a look at what the draft page looks like for standard DFS contests (non Dream Team).


DRAFT.com NFL Scoring

Despite the unique way in which DRAFT football rosters are constructed, the site’s scoring system for NFL games should be similar to other leagues you have played.

The biggest possible difference compared to other DFS sites is that wide receivers are awarded a half point for reception so this category is the best area where you may have to adjust your projections.

DRAFT.com NFL Scoring
Stat CategoryPoints
Passing Yard0.04 (1 point per 25 yards)
Passing TD4
Interception Thrown-1
Rushing Yard0.1 (1 point per 10 yards)
Rushing TD6
Receiving Yard0.1 (1 point per 10 yards)
Receiving TD6
Return TD6
2 Point Conversion2
Fumble Lost2

This scoring system applies to all types of DRAFT football contests.

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