Daily Fantasy Football Season Concludes, What Now?


With the conclusion of the NFC and AFC Conference Championships, the daily fantasy football season is officially over. If you are strictly a DFS football player, unfortunately, things don’t start looking up until mid-August when the NFL preseason begins.

But what are the options for a daily fantasy sports players who can’t wait until August? Luckily, there are plenty of options to keep you busy until next season. In particular, NBA and MLB contests have grown in popularity with the rise of DFS, but there are even more choices for fans of almost all sports.

Virtually every DFS site offers contests for major sports — MLB, NBA and NHL — but a growing number of DFS sites are also offering non-major sports including PGA, NASCAR and MMA. DraftKings, which is the largest DFS site, also happens to have the largest selection of total sports offered at 10, including eSports.

Contest types for most sports are generally the same as daily fantasy football – guaranteed prize pools, head to heads, 50/50s, multipliers and leagues.

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Not Just NFL – Other Daily Fantasy Sports

NBA: The largest prize pools and the majority of daily fantasy action after the NFL season is from the NBA. There are new contests running every day, which makes the NBA a true “daily” fantasy sport. DraftKings has prize pools for daily NBA contests that reach as high as $1 million.

Sites offering NBA contests: DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, DraftOps, FantasyDraft, FantasyAces, DraftPot

MLB: Catchers and pitchers report to spring training in February, but unfortunately spring training daily fantasy is not really practical so few opportunities will likely be available until opening day of the MLB season on April 3rd. Postseason daily fantasy baseball runs through October. Guaranteed prize pools at DraftKings generally peak around $100,000-$150,000.

Sites offering NHL contests: DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, DraftOps, FantasyDraft, FantasyAces, DraftPot

NHL: Like the NBA, daily fantasy NHL fans have the luxury of enjoying daily contests nearly ever day during the NHL season — which runs from October to April — while the postseason runs through June. Due to the sport’s relative popularity in the US, it’s ranked below the NBA and NHL in terms of popularity. Prize pools for guaranteed tournaments on DraftKings typically peak at $40,000-$50,000.

Sites offering NHL contests: DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, DraftOps, FantasyDraft, FantasyAces, DraftPot

College Basketball
: Once we get through the major sports, it becomes less of a guarantee that daily fantasy is available. College basketball, which runs from November through April, is only available at a couple of the largest sites. Contests usually run daily but guaranteed prize pools at DraftKings usually aren’t much higher than $10,000.

Sites offering college basketball contests: DraftKings, FanDuel

PGA: Daily fantasy golf has made some ground against major sports over the last year and a few different sites offer contests. Especially popular during the majors, a few sites offer PGA contests each weekend. Contests prize pools can get quite large – up to $500,000 during a standard Tour event and higher for tournaments like the Masters and U.S. Open.

Sites offering PGA contests: DraftKings, FantasyDraft, FantasyAces, DraftPot

Soccer:: Only DraftKings is offering daily fantasy soccer among top U.S. facing sites. The contests, which focus on the English Premier League, run from August to May. On a typical day, guaranteed prize pools for these contests eclipse the $10,000 mark.

Sites offering soccer contests: DraftKings

MMA: – DraftKings and DraftOps offer mixed martial arts (MMA) contests, which usually run each week and follow the UFC schedule. Guaranteed prize pools for MMA contests on DraftKings usually can reach up to $50,000.

Sites offering these contests: DraftKings, DraftOps

Nascar: A couple of DFS sites offer NASCAR contests, which run during the NASCAR season from February to November, usually during the weekend. Last year, DraftKings offered contests up to $250,000 on some weekends.

Sites offering NASCAR contests: DraftKings, DraftPot