Daily Fantasy Sports Basics – What is Stacking?

DFS stacking

In “Daily Fantasy Sports Basics,” we give you quick answers to questions you might have about terminology and basic strategy from the world of DFS.

Have you heard people throwing around the term “lineup stacking” in daily fantasy sports, but have no idea what they are talking about?

Stacking means to take several different players from the same team, so that you can benefit from some inherent advantage that team might have, or that a certain type of DFS contest might offer.

The strategy is most popular in Major League Baseball DFS contests, when you would take many of the same players in a lineup.

Why is it a popular strategy? In baseball, if you have two or three players that are involved in the same scoring play, you have a chance to score a lot more fantasy points. For instance, if you select the third and fourth hitters in a teams’ lineup, you score more points if your fourth place hitter gets an RBI (+1 point), scoring the third place hitter (+1 point for a run). You can dramatically increase your upside by stacking MLB lineups.

Stacking is especially good to do when there are variables that favor certain teams.

  • Teams playing in Colorado, or other hitter-friendly ballparks, often put up better numbers.
  • If the starting pitching matchup for a lineup is advantageous, either because the opposing pitcher isn’t very good, or because of handedness (i.e. a lefty going up against several righthanders)

Most daily fantasy sites limit the number of players you can select from the same team.

Learn more about MLB lineup stacking here.

Stacking isn’t a terribly popular strategy in other sports, however.

In the NFL, pairing a quarterback and a receiver can be considered stacking, even though it is only for two players. It’s not always considered a good strategy, so you should pick your spots to do this. More on NFL stacking or pairing here.

At times, it can be a useful strategy in the NBA.

Photo by Aimee Plesa used under license CC BY 2.0.