Daily Fantasy Sports Basics – What is a Buy-in?

BuyIn Daily Fantasy SportsIn “Daily Fantasy Sports Basics,” we give you quick answers to questions you might have about terminology and basic strategy from the world of Daily Fantasy Sports.

A buy-in, in daily fantasy sports, is simply how you get into a DFS contest. It is also called an entry fee — it is the cost of entering any competition.

Most of the time a buy-in consists of cash. You take money out of your account balance on a site, and you use it to gain entry into a contest. If you do well, you win money back. If you don’t, you don’t get any money.

Buy-ins can also be:

  • Free: Some contests have no entry fee; these are called freerolls. Sometimes these contests will be just for fun or practice (no cash prizes), or they can reward you with real cash prizes, points (more on this in a bit), or entry into another tournament.
  • Tickets: Sometimes, sites offer contests that allow you to gain entry to other contests. These are called satellites (i.e. for a buy-in of a dollar, you can win an entry into a $20 contest). If you win a satellite contest, you receive a ticket that can be used to enter the contest with a bigger buy-in, without paying any cash.
  • Points: Somes sites offer “points” for frequent play. The more contests you enter for real money, the more points you receive. Sometimes, sites will then offer contests where the buy-in is points. These contests could award cash prizes or tickets to other contests.

Buy-ins that are real money can range from very small — as little as a 25 cents in some cases — to very large — such as $1,000 or more.