Breaking Down the DraftKings VIP Program


In our post last week, we explained the lucrative $600 sign-up bonus that is available to players who earn Frequent Player Points while they play the real money contests at DraftKings. Fortunately for players, in addition to clearing the bonus, they can also use these points towards the DraftKings VIP program.

Calling the rewards scheme at DraftKings a VIP Program is probably a bit of a misnomer – it’s essentially just a VIP store. It takes on the form of a VIP program in the fact that the more you play, the more rewards you receive — at a flat rate, the reward percentages do not increase, just the amount you earn — through the exchange of FPPs.

How are FPPs earned?

FPPs are earned at a rate of 1 per $0.25 in entry. So if you enter a $10 event, you would earn about 40 FPPs, give or take. Because a bonus clears at a rate of 100 FPPs per $1 in bonus, this makes the bonus worth $0.01 per point

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Exchanging FPPs in the DraftKing VIP Store

The VIP store is where you can go to spend the FPPs that you accumulate and is divided into four sections – VIP experiences, Contest Tickets, Apparel and Merchandise. The items in the store are worth approximately $0.0018-$0.0021 depending on what is purchased, meaning players get roughly 10% of their entry fees back when using their FPPs in the store.

VIP Experiences: Sample packages include DFS lessons from a pro, poker lessons and major sporting events that include tickets and other perks that enhance the experience (such as premium tickets, pregame visits, batting practice viewing etc). Supplies are limited for these high value events. While it difficult to determine a value on the packages, using the $0.002 per FPP rate, these VIP packages start at around $330.

Contest Tickets: The closest way to get cash value for your tickets, contest tickets allow you to exchange your FPPs for entries into DraftKings contests. Starting at 150 FPPs for $0.25, contest entries are available for almost any type of buy-in level up to $250 and are worth $0.0018 regardless of what contest entry you purchase. You can find purchased tickets in the “My Tickets” section of your account. They will expire after 1 year.

Apparel: Go to the Apparel section to purchase DraftKings merchandise to wear. Use your FPPs to purchase items such as t-shirts, socks, hats, shorts and coats – branded with the DraftKings name. DraftKings apparel is valued at approximately $0.002 per FPP, based on retail price.

Merchandise: DraftKings branded merchandise is available for purchase in the VIP store and includes a variety of items such as poker cards, hot sauce, golf accessories, beach towels, duffel bags and more. Like the DraftKings apparel, these items are worth approximately $0.002 per FPP from the retail price.

The VIP Store can be found from going to your account page, and then clicking on your username as seen in the chart below:


Purchasing Items in the Draft Kings Store

Finding items in the store to purchase is a simple process once you are in the store. Find the item you wish to purchase in the store through searching or browsing. Once you have found your item, “Buy with FPP” on any item you have sufficient FPPs.


Confirm your purchase and you are ready to go.


Tickets are available immediately whereas merchandise will be sent to your registered address.