A Guide to Daily Fantasy Multipliers


When somebody is talking about daily fantasy contests, you’ll most often hear about guaranteed contests, head to head or even 50/50 contests. Another type of contest available at many sites that doesn’t get as much attention are “Multiplier” contests, sometimes also referred to as a Booster on DraftKings.

Daily fantasy sports players like guaranteed contests for the chance at a large score or to submit a dozens of different lineups into the same contest. DFS players enjoy head to head and 50/50 contests for be able to play against many single opponents or through the lowering of variance that comes with daily fantasy sports.

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Multipliers is a prize structure that signifies that those that place will win a “multiple” of their buy-in. Since Multipliers can take all sorts of shapes and sizes, the biggest advantage in a multiplier is a simplicity in the prize structure. Chances are that once you begin playing them you will quickly find a preference and gravitate towards a specific Multiplier.

Basic Details on Multiplier Contests

A 50/50 is the most common type of Multiplier in that approximately half of those that enter will win cash prizes. Note that even though 50/50 or heads-up contests are very much like a Multiplier, these contests are usually listed separately at the DFS site. While 2x multipliers, 50/50s and heads-up contests are the most popular, some daily fantasy sports sites such as DraftKings offer multipliers up to 10x or even 40x.

In these contests, players that place will receive 10x their buy-in as a cash prize – a $10 buy-in will yield prizes of $100 to approximately 1/10th of the player pool. The basic principal to remember is that as multipliers go up, the odds get larger while payouts increase.

In the above example, why do we say “approximately 1/10th of the players will win” when players are winning 10x their buy-in? This is because the rest of the buy-in is used to pay the rake, which daily fantasy sports sites use to run the games. For example, in a $50 buy-in 10x “Booster” on DraftKings, we will see a prize pool of $1,500 with 34 entrants required, meaning the extra $200 in buy-ins are going towards rake.

Generally you will find that the less populated daily fantasy sports sites will only offer 2x or 3x Multipliers, while larger sites like DraftKings and FanDuel have the liquidity to offer more variety in their contests, meaning larger multipliers. Unlike guaranteed contests, these contests are not guaranteed to fill, so if you join a contest, it may not start. Of course, this is less likely at DraftKings where unless you start a contest just before when games go live, it will likely fill. The sooner you join a Multiplier contest, the more likely it will be to fill.

Many players like entering a larger field contest but still prefer the flat prize structure of a multiple. Guaranteed contests are often very top heavy with the largest prizes paid to the very top. Small league contests may pay the top 20% or 30% but the pay structure is steeper. In a multiple contests, you have to be just good enough and you are paid equally with all other players that cash. A 10x multipler with 100 entries, will pay the same regardless of whether you finish first or tenth.

DFS players who like the multi-entry nature of guaranteed prize pools contests, will still be able to enter more than one lineup in most Multiplier contests. However, restrictions will usually mean you can enter no more than 3% of the total buy-ins of the contest.

Some Basic Strategy on Daily Fantasy Multipliers

The strategy to play a Multiplier will vary depend on the level of the multiplier. With a 2x or 3x multiplier, you will need to beat far less opponents than a 5x or 10x Multiplier.

With a 2x or 3x Multiplier, it makes more sense to play a high value, lower variance lineup. You just need to have a good lineup for the contest, not necessarily have a lineup with a high ceiling that may have a higher chance to implode.

Like guaranteed contests, these lineups are instead best suited for higher 5x or 10x multipliers since you need to beat a large percentage of those that enter For these contests, it might be best to combine quarterback and wide receivers or add some “boom or bust” type of players who could propel you to the top of the standings. Even then, you won’t need the best lineup. Just good enough to get one of the payouts.