A Guide on DraftKings College Football Scoring


The NFL is getting much of the attention from daily fantasy sports players right now but there is another daily fantasy football game also in full swing. That sport of course is college football and DraftKings is offering millions of dollars in contests every Saturday for players to join.

The rules for DraftKings CFB contests are similar to NFL contests, but there are some differences that DFS fans need to be aware of, such as the absence of some key positions and stats used for scoring.

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DraftKings College Football Scoring and Rules

Players participating in DraftKings CFB contests are given a fictional salary of $50,000 to draft a nine-player roster. The participant’s goal is to draft the best lineup you can while staying under the salary cap. Player salaries are not changed after the contest is offered.

DraftKings offers many different slate of games including Tuesday-Wednesday, Wednesday-Thursday, just Thursday, early Saturday and late Saturday. The games will be appropriately labeled in the lobby and a full list of games for the contest can be seen on the lineup screen.

The pool of players will be taken from college football players in the big 6 conferences (SEC, PAC-12, ACC, AAC, Big Ten, Big 12). There will be some cases where teams outside the big 6 may be included to improve the size of the player pool, but those games will be listed.

When setting your lineups, you must draft players from at least two different teams for two different games.

If your team scores more than your opponents, you will receive a prize. Payouts are based on the contest types that you enter. With head to head contests, you will need to beat a single opponent. Double ups and 50/50s, on the other hand, require you to beat around one half of the competition, whereas tournaments and leagues pay approximately one third of those that enter.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the payouts before joining a contest as they can drastically impact how you select your lineup.

DraftKings CFB Roster Size

The nine players you draft for DraftKings CFB contests consist of the following positions: 2 quarterbacks, 2 running backs, 3 wide receivers and two flex positions (which can be a running back or wide receiver). There are no kickers, defensive teams or tight end at DraftKings college football contests.

Point Scoring

The scoring system is somewhat similar to DraftKings NFL contests with the exception of a lack of defensive stats, for obvious reasons.

Passing Touchdown: 4 Points
25 Passing Yards: 1 Point (fractional points of 0.04 per point is awarded for smaller increments)
300 or more Yard Passing Game: 3 Points
Interception: -1 Point
10 Rushing Yards: 1 Point (fractional points of 0.01 per point is awarded for smaller increments)
Rushing Touchdown: 6 Points
100 or more Yard Rushing Game: 3 Points
10 Receive Yards: 1 Point (fractional points of 0.01 per point is awarded for smaller increments)
Reception: 1 Point
Receiving Touchdown: 6 Points
100 or more Yard Receiving Game: 3 Points
Punt/Kickoff Return for Touchdown: 6 Points
Fumble Lost: -1 Point
2 Point Conversion: 2 Points

Most notable about DraftKings CFB scoring is that not only are points awarded for specific stats, but additional milestone bonuses are awarded for big games. Bonus points of 3 points are awarded for 300 yard passing games as well as 100 yard rushing and receiving games. Make sure that these bonuses are taken into account when tweaking your lineups.