Vulcun Full Site Review and Promo Code

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Note that in January 2016 Vulcun ceased operation of the eSports DFS aspect of their business. Details are here. If you are currently looking to play DFS at another site, we recommend DraftKings

Vulcun Overview

The world of daily fantasy sports has crossed over into the world of video games — aka eSports — with Vulcun leading the charge. Opening up in early 2015, the site has experienced exponential growth and is already guaranteeing millions of dollars in prizes over the course of its first year of operation. If you are interested in having a monetary interest in watching and rooting for competitors in eSports, you want to check out Vulcun. Free Gold Bonus

Vulcun eSports Offered

This is not your traditional fantasy sports site. No athletic sports are featured, only eSports/video games. You can enter contests based on League of Legends or DOTA 2 — both multiplayer online battle arena video games — or Counterstrike — a multiplayer first-person shooter.

If you are familiar with traditional DFS sites like FanDuel and DraftKings, then the format of playing daily fantasy eSports will be familiar to you. If you’re a simply a fan of eSports but have never played DFS, then the concept might be pretty foreign. The basic idea? You enter a contest for real money, pick professional gamers that compete on eSports teams, and then you receive points for how they do in competition. If you pick the best players, you can win cash prizes. Read on for more details on how playing fantasy eSports works.

Vulcun Contests and Prize Pools

Contests are based on the various leagues that hold team competitions based on the games listed above — LOL, DOTA 2 and Counterstrike. Contests generally use the same basic format: You select a team of players to be on your fantasy team, and you win cash if the team performs better than other contest entrants.

There are small leagues (2-10 fantasy entries), mid-range contests, and huge guaranteed prize pool contests with thousands of entries. Entry fees range from $250 to free. Some of the “freerolls” at Vulcun do offer real-money prizes.

The site has grown by leaps and bounds over it first few months of operation. In January, when the site launched, Vulcun said it was going to guarantee $250,000 in prizes over the course of 2015. As of the writing of this review, a few months later, that number has jumped to $4 million. And after Vulcun received a huge investment recently, that number is likely to go up again.

Vulcun Interface / Lobby

The lobby is a lot like most DFS sites. It provides a road map to which contests the site is currently offering. At the top level, you can pick which eSport you are interested in seeing the contests for. Clicking on “League of Legends,” “DOTA 2” or “Counterstrike” will limit the lobby to only the contests covered for that game.

From there, you can can view all the contests, or you can filter the lobby even further. You can pick which league you want to see; for instance, for League of Legends, you can see competitions for the European EU LCS or the North American NA LCS.

The lobby can be sorted with a click of the button, by:

  • Prize pool (the amount of money awarded in the contest)
  • The number of entries
  • The percentage of players that will earn cash prizes based on current entries
  • The entry fee
  • The start time

Vulcun lobby

From the home page, you are also just a click away from the upcoming contests that you are entered in, as well as recently completed contests that you entered.

The entire lobby is simple and clean, and makes it easy to enter the contest you want to play. Referral Code & Promo Code: parttime

Vulcun Drafting and Scoring

Playing fantasy sports at Vulcun is a lot like other daily fantasy games. You pick a contest, and you start to draft a team of eSports players, using a set salary cap. (Vulcun sets salaries for players based on their relative skill and ability to score fantasy points.) While the contests differ for the various eSports, they all follow the same general format. You select five to eight gamers to be on your fantasy team, and fantasy points are awarded based on their performance in the “real-world” competition.

Here are the lineup restrictions and scoring for each game:

League of Legends

Lineup: Eight players total. One for each position (Mid, Top, Adc, Supp, Jung). Three flex players, which can be from any position.


  • Kills: +2 pts
  • Deaths: -1 pt
  • Assists: +1.6 pts
  • Creeps: 0.01 pts


Lineup: Eight players total, one for each position.


  • Kills: +2 pts
  • Deaths: -1 pt
  • Assists: +1.6 pts
  • Creeps: 0.01 pts


Lineup: Five players total.


  • Kills: +2 pts
  • Deaths: -1 pt
  • Assists: +1.6 pts
  • MVP: +5 pts

Vulcun Draft

An interesting tweak that Vulcun does that is not common in the fantasy sports world is its “shot-caller” designation. When you create a lineup, you also label one of your fantasy players as a “shot-caller”; you receive 25 percent more fantasy points for this player.

Adding a player is as simple as clicking the “+” symbol next to their name. Tabs allow you to filter the available player pool by their position, and you can sort the player list by name, team name, salary, their average fantasy points scored per contest, and the amount of fantasy points they scored in their last contest.

Live scoring is provided so that you can follow along with your fantasy selections, and to see how you are doing against your opponents. One of the coolest features at Vulcun is the “Live” tab at the top of the home page. That takes you to a lobby that shows live streams from Twitch of the actual eSports competitions when they are going on. So if you want to watch a competition while your fantasy competition is going on, you can do it all in one place.

Vulcun Deposits and Withdrawals

Vulcun supports deposits via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Vulcun has said that it plans on supporting Bitcoin in the future.

You must be from the United States or Canada to play for real money at Vulcun, currently. Like most traditional DFS sites, Vulcun will not accept players from Arizona, Louisiana, Montana, and Washington, because of state laws. Vulcun notes that “residents of other countries are responsible for checking if this is allowed within their jurisdictions.”

Players can withdraw their funds via a bank card or a credit card, as well as PayPal.

Vulcun Deposit Bonus

If you sign up with our code, you will receive a 100% Gold Bonus.

Crates will contain virtual items of your main game.

Vulcun Promotions / VIP Program

Vulcun does run promotions from time to time. Currently, if you set up a private league that fills and runs, a player will receive 10 percent commission on that contest. There is no VIP program, currently.

Vulcun Referral Program

The referral program at Vulcun is pretty good. If you give a friend your unique referral code and they use it to sign up, that person will also receive a 100 percent deposit bonus. If the friend deposits funds and then enters a paid contest, you will receive a $20 bonus, which works just like the deposit bonus above.


If you love to watch eSports, Vulcun is the next step for any fan. You can enter real-money contests and root for your favorite players, with a cool, easy-to-use interface. And with a solid deposit bonus and more growth on the horizon, you should check out Vulcun now.