Mondogoal Full Site Review

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As of December 1st, 2016 Mondogoal have closed their doors. If you are currently looking to play DFS at another site, we recommend DraftKings.

Mondogoal Overview

Want to play fantasy soccer for real money on the internet? Then Mondogoal is your site. No other daily fantasy soccer site can provide as deep of an experience as Mondogoal. With a beautiful interface and a deposit bonus that is difficult to beat, there are plenty of reasons to play DFS here.

Mondogoal Sports Offered

Soccer (or football, not the American version), and that’s it. You can enter contests over a variety of leagues, including the English Permier League, the United States’ Major League Soccer, Italy’s Serie A, Germany’s Bundesliga, Spain’s La Liga, Mexico’s Liga MX, France’s Ligue 1, and the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

Mondogoal Contests and Prize Pools

Mondogoal sticks to the basics, without a whole lot of frills, when it comes to the contests it presents. You pick out a contest, select a roster of players, and if you do well, you win some money.

The options for a fantasy player are mostly limited to a few different variables:

  • Which league? You can filter contests based on the sporting league (i.e. Premier League), and the contest will only include players from that league. Or, there are options where leagues are combined for a “global contest.”
  • Contest size. Most of the contests are of the “league” or “sit and go” variety, where they run when they are filled, although even some of these small contests are guaranteed to run, with prize pools also guaranteed. Most of the contest fields consist of two, five or 10 players.
  • Entry fees. They range from $250 to $2. There are also freerolls that feature no entry fee, but currently Mondogoal does not offer any cash prizes for these contests. They have

Most of the contests are of the smaller “league” variety, and big guaranteed prize pools are not the norm. But at the end of this season, Mondogoal will host a £30,000 Fantasy Football Championship. It will take place on May 24th, which is the final day of the Premier League season. The top prize is £10,000. Qualifiers to the biggest fantasy soccer contest of the year are available for as little as £2.

Mondogoal Interface / Lobby

Once again, Mondogoal has a pretty bare-bones approach. You can filter the lobby by league and by entry fee, to show only the contests you want. Just clicking on a flag will limit the lobby to seeing only the contests from that league.

Mondogoal lobby

You can also sort the lobby by entry fee, how many entries are in a contest, the prize pool, and when it starts.

Mondogoal Drafting/Scoring

Picking a lineup to enter in a contest at Mondogoal is easily the coolest interface around, when it comes to daily fantasy sports. Not only is it easy to use, it’s very fun and visual, moreso than other DFS sites.

When you click on a contest, you are taken to a screen that shows a soccer pitch, and a list of all the players available for selection in the league. Interestingly, the salary cap is $100 million (unlike the tens of thousands, like most DFS sites), so it’s a little more in line with what players actually make. You pick 11 players, just like a real soccer side.

Mondogoal roster

You can start by selecting which formation you want to use for your lineup (or change it after you have started creating your lineup) — a cool feature that doesn’t really exist in any other fantasy format. You can pick from any common alignment of forwards, midfielders and defenders. Obviously, you probably want more forwards because of their propensity to score goals. But because they are often the most expensive players, a forward-heavy lineup isn’t always the best bet. Picking a new formation starts a flash animation that reorganizes your fantasy players correctly on the field.

From there, you start selecting players. You can choose to filter by team or position, and you can also move a slider that will give you players within a range of salaries, if you are looking to fill a certain spot within the salary cap. Know the exact player you are looking for? Just type in their name. You can also sort the full or filtered player list by any of a number of statistics that are available. If the player is injured or out of the lineup for some reason, that information will show up on the “free agent” list. Need more information on injuries? Head to the “dashboard” for external links to injury reports for the various leagues.

Mondogoal includes a really cool feature: Players are placed on the pitch as you draft them, along with their correct jersey, complete with colors and number. It’s far more interesting to look at than the usual list of names and salary figures that dominate most DFS lineup interfaces.

Player bios are a little different from most DFS sites. By clicking on a player, you can view a chart that shows how many fantasy points they scored in recent contests, along with their salary value over the same time period, and whether or not the player started. You can also view a full game log under a bio.

Screen shot 2015-04-14 at 4.47.32 PM

If you have never played fantasy soccer, players can score points for your team in a variety of ways. Here is how it breaks down:

All Positions

  • Minute (up to 90): 0.02
  • Yellow Card: -2
  • Red Card: -5
  • Foul Won: 1
  • Foul Committed: -1


  • Goal: 7
  • Assist: 4
  • Shot on Target 2
  • Pass Completed: 0.03
  • Penalty Kick Missed: -5


  • Goal: 7
  • Assist: 4
  • Shot on Target 2
  • Pass Completed: 0.05
  • Penalty Kick Missed: -5
  • Clean Sheet (if 45 or more minutes played): 2
  • Single Goal Match (if 45 or more minutes played): 1


  • Goal: 7
  • Assist: 4
  • Clean sheet (if 45 or more minutes played): 4
  • Single Goal Match (if 45 or more minutes played): 2
  • Tackle won: 0.5
  • Pass Completed: 0.03
  • Pass Intercepted: 0.05
  • Penalty Kick Missed: -5


  • Save: 1
  • Penalty Kick Saved: 7
  • Tackle Won: 1
  • Goal Allowed: -2
  • Clean Sheet (if 45 or more minutes played): 6
  • Single Goal Match (if 45 or more minutes played): 3

Live scoring is available during contests, powered by Opta Sports, so you can see how your team is doing, and how you are faring vs. your opponents.

Mondogoal Deposits and Withdrawals

Right now, you can only make deposits and withdrawals via bank cards and credit cards. There are no internet-based payment options — like PayPal or Neteller — available right now. Deposits are capped at $250.

Money can be handled in either pounds or American dollars. Currently, you can only play for real money in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Mondogoal Deposit Bonus

Mondogoal beats a lot of other DFS sites out there, offering a 200% bonus on a first deposit.

Like the industry standard, however the bonus is unlocked incrementally, at a rate of 4 percent of all entry fees spent. (For example, if you buy into a $25 league, you unlock $1 in bonuses.)

With a cap of $250, that means the maximum bonus available is $500.

Mondogoal Promotions / VIP Program

There is not really a VIP program, currently, at Mondogoal. The site does note that if you want to make a “contest request,” it will sometimes set up custom contests for its players.

Mondogoal Referral Program

There’s no referral program for players, currently.


Mondogoal doesn’t feature huge guaranteed prize pools. Then again, real-money daily fantasy soccer is not exactly widespread, yet, and Mondogoal is trying to grow the market. What the site does have is an awesome interface and a 200% deposit bonus that makes it worth a try for anyone who wants to play fantasy soccer.