FantasyAces Full Site Review and Promo Code


Fantasy Aces was acquired by FantasyDraft in January 2017. As a result, this review is no longer up to date.

We know that DraftKings and FanDuel are the two biggest sites in the industry. There could be an argument that #3 is currently Fantasy Aces. Fantasy Aces offers live finals, along with 2 types of salary cap based games, giving the user a unique experience that has allowed them to grow in popularity in the DFS Community.

FantasyAces Sports, Contests and Prize Pools Offered

Fantasy Aces offers all 4 of the major professional sports (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB), along with College Football and PGA Golf. Fantasy Aces offers live finals in NFL, NBA, MLB, and College Football. This is a great chance to make a live final, as it’s a smaller site. They do run the qualifiers at the $55, $109, $215, and $535 price levels, giving all types of bankrolls a chance to qualify.

Players from Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Mississippi, Alabama, Hawaii, and Washington are not eligible to play at Fantasy Aces.

FantasyAces Game Structure

Fantasy Aces just has salary-cap contests, but has 2 unique types of games. In both types, they have generic positions (such as Infielder in MLB and Forward in NBA), along with 2 Utility positions (NHL only has 1) to allow you to be as creative as you want with your rosters.  MLB has you choose 11 players; NFL has you choose 10 (no kicker), CFB, NBA, and NHL 9 players. The first is the traditional Salary Cap game, called Classic. This is like the other sites and the norm in DFS. 2016-04-21 09-11-23

The most unique offering of Fantasy Aces is their “SalaryPro” contests. There is still a salary cap, but in this format, you are rewarded for spending under the cap and punished for going over the cap. For every $50 under the cap you are, you will get .10-.40 points (up to a predetermined maximum) as a bonus. For every $50 over, you are penalized .20-.80 points (up to predetermined maximum). This is unique to Fantasy Aces and is a fun alternative to the traditional salary cap game. It’s also a way to take advantage of people who spend under or over the cap. Sometimes, you can have success by throwing in your normal lineup, as your opponent may get too cute. A typical rule of thumb here is to try and spend about 500-1000 under the cap. This still allows you to get some top players and get those important bonus points.

Fantasy Aces also has a “hard” roster lock. This means that whenever the first game of a contest begins, the rosters are locked and you can’t make any additional changes. This means that if a lineup has not been listed for a MLB team or a NBA player is questionable, you need to factor that into your lineup making.

FantasyAces Drafting/Scoring

Fantasy Aces has some of the sharpest pricing you will find in the industry. Some players who are still considered low-price sleepers have their prices raised quickly here, whereas more established players don’t see quite as big of a price shift. For example: you won’t see Colorado Rockies players adjusted too much for games at Coors, vs road games. Similarly, opposing team’s players going to Colorado won’t see a price shift at all. They may see it once they leave Denver, but not during the series. 2016-04-21 09-12-47

It is also very difficult to put in 2 or more high priced players in a game. It may be a little easier in NFL or MLB, but you will still be forced to find value. A few key points for each sport’s scoring listed below:

  • NFL and CFB: .5 PPR, one point for every 20 yards passing, no yardage bonuses
  • NBA: Assists are .25 more than rebounds, steals and blocks 2 points, no 3-point bonus
  • NHL: Goals and Goalie wins are 3 points, .5 for +/-, .25 Power Play Bonus, .50 Short-Handed Bonus, .25 for Shot on Goal and Blocked Shot, 2 bonus points for goalie shutout
  • MLB: RBI and Runs are 1.25, HBP is .50, -.50 for a hitter K, -.25 for pitching hit/HBP
  • PGA: +5 Eagle, +3 Birdie, +1 Par, -.5 for bogey, 10 point bonus for winner, no other positional bonuses


FantasyAces Game Offerings

Fantasy Aces offers your traditional DFS game types: Tournaments, 50/50s, and Head to Heads. The buy-ins for these range from $1 all the way up to $109.

Tournaments – Fantasy Aces will run tournaments for both their Classic and SalaryPro formats. They also will run multi-day “Survivor” tournaments, where you must finish in the top % to move on, until the final day, where the payouts occur. You may not get paid for just making it to the final day; depends on the tournament.The points reset each day and is a fun way to play multiple days. They also run qualifier to a live final. It won’t be for a million dollars or even $100,000. However, it is very attainable and may be the best chance in DFS to make a live final and possibly even win it (Are you really complaining if you “only” win $40,000? I didn’t think so).

Cash Games – Fantasy Aces runs 50/50s, triple-ups, quintuple ups, and some winner-take all or Top 3 and Top 5 games. Plenty of variety if you are looking for some different game types. All of these are offered for both their Classic and Salary Pro contests.

Head-to-Head – These can be found at every price level and every salary structure.

FantasyAces Website Design

Fantasy Aces has a pretty clean interface that allows you to sort through games and enter into a contest pretty easily. You are able to sort by type of game or buy-in, and are able to enter a contest from the lobby by simply importing your lineup with 2 clicks. They do have a scoreboard feature that allows you to keep track of how you are doing, but does not continuously update. You must refresh to see how you are doing.

FantasyAces Mobile Platform

Fantasy Aces currently does not have a mobile app, but do have a mobile platform where you can view and edit lineups on it. You can see a list of all the games you are currently playing in or that are upcoming, but you can’t see how much you are currently winning in all of the games. You would have to click on each game to see how much you are winning in that one game. An app or live updating feature on the mobile site would be a much appreciated addition to the interface.

Lineup Entry at FantasyAces

You must enter a game and create a lineup. From there, you can export that lineup to other games that you may enter, or quickly enter other contests in the lobby with just one-click, or mass enter after entering one game.


Fantasy Aces has the variety that should satisfy any DFS player’s wants. Their unique SalaryPro format provides a nice alternative to the traditional salary cap structure. Their live finals with less people than FanDuel or DraftKings may give you the best shot at not only making a live final, but also winning one. Their survivor contests also give you the chance to cash by performing well over multiple days. Fantasy Aces is popular among DFS players and is a site you definitely need to try, especially if you are a fan of sharper pricing.