Draftpot Full Site Review and Promo Code


DraftPot is still operational but currently not offering any contests. As a result, this review is not currently up to date. If you are currently looking to play DFS at another site, we recommend DraftKings

Draftpot Overview

Draftpot is an up and coming site in the daily fantasy sports world. Created out of a dorm room at Columbia University, Draftpot launched in Beta mode in April of 2015. The site then went live a few months later in August of 2015. So what differentiates Draftpot from the other guys? Their claim to fame is “Daily Fantasy Sports Without the Salary Cap”! We’ll talk more about this as we get into the game modes offered.

As of September 2015, Draftpot has raised $2.2 million dollars and it’s safe to say they are just now getting started in this competitive space. They are currently only offered in the US but have applied for their gambling license in the UK and have big plans to expand into Europe and Asia in the future. Let’s take a look at all the areas that make Draftpot a serious contender in the DFS space.

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Players located in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, and Washington are not allowed to play on DraftPot.

Draftpot Sports Offered

Draftpot has contests available in all of the major sports across the United States. Nothing stood out as missing. Some DFS sites exclude golf, NASCAR and the college sports but Draftpot includes those as well. Here is a full list of the sports offered at Draftpot:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • College Football
  • College Basketball
  • Golf
  • Nascar


eSports is a growing trend and sites are now jumping into the “daily fantasy eSports” niche. Draftpot offers eSports contests for League of Legends currently and has hopes of offering other games in the future.

Vulcun and AlphaDraft are the two largest daily fantasy eSports website but monster DraftKings has recently joined into that area as well. Draftpot is ahead of the curve by offering eSports and hopes to stay that way going forward.

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Draftpot Contests and Prize Pools

Most daily fantasy sports websites offer contests where you draft your team using a defined “salary cap”. Draftpot wanted to differentiate themselves from the others and only offers two “Game Modes”.

  1. Fan Mode — Remember back to their motto, “Daily Fantasy Sports Without the Salary Cap”. That is exactly what Fan Mode is. You can draft whoever you want without any restrictions whatsoever. You simply fill out the defined lineup/roster with the positions needed. You get to draft your true all star team without having to worry about how much someone “costs”. This is the “bread and butter” for Draftpot and they believe the majority of users will want to play this game format.
  2. GM Mode — This is a unique game format. It’s similar in nature to a salary cap game but instead of being restricted by a cap, you are restricted to a certain number of “Draftpot points per game”. This DPPG is calculated based on a players recent performance. This is meant to provide a more objective and transparent reflection of player values when compared to some of the salary cap games out on the market. Draftpot still has some issues with this format as they haven’t figured out how to assign point values to rookies or college players. But it’s a cool game format that is different from the competition.

Within both of these game modes their are different “types” of games.

  • GuaranteedDraftpot offers some very nice “Guaranteed” prize pool games. These contests have a pre-defined prize pool and regardless of how many players sign up, they will guarantee payout of that amount. They have experiences significant overlay during the beginning of the 2015 NFL season due to these large guaranteed contests. But that’s all part of the bigger plan for Draftpot. They are ok taking some losses early to grow bigger in the future.
  • Head to Head — This is simple. You match your team up against another player. Winner takes all.
  • Free RollDraftpot does offer small free roll contests from time to time. Check the contest lobby for their latest free rolls.
  • Double Up — This is a standard type of contest offered nearly everywhere. You are trying to beat half the field. For example, if 50 players are in a double up contest, you would need to place 1-24th place to double your money.

Draftpot offers contests with entry fees anywhere from $3 all the way up to $1075. You should be able to find a contest that fits your budget and game preferences.

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Draftpot Interface

The interface at Draftpot is clean and responsive. The sport menu runs across the top with the game types and filters across the left side bar. Each contest is in it’s own block and they are displayed in grid fashion in the contest lobby.


The site runs quickly and flows from screen to screen nicely. It takes on a Blue / Gray color scheme that is pleasant to the eyes.

Draftpot recently launched their iOS app for apple devices. They are still working on an Android app but that should be coming in the near future.

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Draftpot Drafting/Scoring

First, before we get started talking about the lineup drafting screen you should know they have two different settings/formats for this page. In your settings you can choose “Grid View” or “List View”. Grid view shows the players in larger grid like boxes while the list view does just that — lists the players. I’m partial to the list view as I think it’s one of the cleanest looks I’ve seen for a drafting screen.

They do a very good job of showing key events and information for each player. At a glance you can see who the player faces, how many DPPG the player averages, and much more.


Draftpot also shows a number of icons to the right of a player. This shows thing like handedness, whether a player is questionable, if a player is out, if there is breaking news on a player or if there is recent news on a player.

Once you click the player to get more info they show tons of great information as shown in the below screenshot. Game logs and recent news are right there for you to look over as you are choosing your players.


Draftpot Deposits & Withdrawals

Draftpot accepts several different forms of deposits. These include: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal. Getting money into your account is quick and easy.

When you are ready to withdraw money from your account you must use Paypal. Under the My Account tab you simply click the Withdraw Funds link and enter the amount you’d like to withdrawal. Payouts are processed within 48 hours.

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Draftpot Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are pretty standard for all daily fantasy sites. But Draftpot has one of the most generous ones around. You can deposit anywhere from $50 to $300 and you receive a 100% deposit bonus. Now this bonus must be “played through” to be claimed. But as you continue playing at Draftpot the bonus will be released into your account.

On top of that, Draftpot is currently giving new players a free entry into a $10,000 Contest with their first deposit. Take advantage of this great offer before it’s gone.

To take advantage of the deposit bonus:

  1. Sign up at Draftpot using this link.
  2. Deposit $50+ using the promo code “DFSC“.

Easy as that!

Draftpot Promo Code

When you sign up at Draftpot you definitely want to take advantage of the promo code “DFSC“. How? On sign up you will have four fields to fill out.

  1. Your username
  2. Your password
  3. Your email
  4. The promo code DFSC

This will unlock your 100% up to $300 bonus. Once again just make sure you use the Draftpot promo code “DFSC“.

Draftpot Promotions

There aren’t a lot of extra promotions going on at Draftpot. They like to keep things simple. But remember they are offering Millions of guaranteed contests in 2015. They are continually upping the guarantee amounts despite having large levels of overlay. It’s a perfect time to build your bankroll at Draftpot.


Also watch their Facebook or Twitter accounts for an promotion announcements they might have. Draftpot will surprise us with promos from time to time.

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Draftpot Affiliate Program

Most sites offer some sort of “referral program”. Draftpot doesn’t have a true referral program as of yet but you can sign up to be an “Affiliate” of Draftpot if you are wanting to promote them further. In the near future I’d expect them to add in some sort of referral program for basic users. More to come on this!


To conclude, Draftpot knows they aren’t going to be #1 or #2 in this industry. Battling with DraftKings and Fanduel is a large task. But they do believe they have differentiated themselves and positioned themselves to be that #3 or #4 daily fantasy sports site.

Take some time and get signed up at Draftpot. Watch their guaranteed contests for overlay this football season and capitalize on that. All in all, we are very impressed with what Draftpot is doing and think it has huge potential going forward.

Draftpot started in a dorm room but now has gained national attention among daily fantasy players of all skill levels.

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