DraftDay Full Site Review


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DraftDay isn’t nearly as big as the two largest sites on the market — FanDuel and DraftKings. What it does offer is a site that has been working on and perfecting its interface for years, and several options and promotions you won’t find elsewhere — like “live draft” contests. If you want a different way to play daily fantasy sports, DraftDay might be for you.

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Players located in the states of Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Nevada, Texas, Washington, Puerto Rico and Quebec are not eligible to play at DraftKings.

DraftDay Sports Offered

DraftDay offers the DFS sports you would expect to see: NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA and NHL. There are also contests available for college football and golf (the PGA).

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DraftDay Contests and Prize Pools

DraftDay features many of the contests you will see across all fantasy sites — large-field contests with guaranteed prize pools, “standard” games with a specified number of entrants that must fill to start, and 50-50 contests (half of the field cashes and half does not), to name a few. There are also a variety of “freeroll” tournaments that you can play just for fun or for practice, and some even feature real-money prizes.

Other sites offer contests for just certain time periods, as well, but DraftDay markets them as “Turbos,” in which only the early games of a sport’s schedule are a part of a contest.

DraftDay features some more unusual tournaments, as well:

  • Target: Players try to reach a specified point total in a contest. All players that reach that target will share the prize pool equally.
  • Live Draft: Taking a page out of the seasonlong fantasy sports playbook, DraftDay has contests where you do a live draft against other contestants. The specified number of entrants must be reached in order for the contest to run; once the field fills, there is an actual draft held with all of the other entrants in the field. You can even draft substitutions for your roster and swap players out of your lineup up until the contest goes live.
  • Pick’em: This type of contest has no salary cap and is a quicker drafting format. Each contest features several “tiers” of players, and entrants pick one player from each tier to fill out their roster.
  • Bracket: A March Madness-style contest, where a series of one-on-one contests are played until a winner is determined.
  • Modified Salary Cap: Modified Salary Cap games offer different starting salary amounts for drafting lineups. The salary cap for these games may be more or less than the cap in a standard DraftDay game.
  • Rapid Fire: DraftDay provides a list of five matchups between 10 different fantasy players. Entrants just have to pick the player who will score more fantasy points; you win if you correctly guess three matchups correctly. In RapidFire Max, you have to pick all five matchups correctly in order to win.

DraftDay Rapid Fire

Players can also create their own contests, with perhaps the most powerful contest creation tool on the market. Creating a contest gives you control over the sport, the buy-in, the number of entries, the contest type, which games are included in the contest, the salary cap, the payout structure and whether the contest is public or private (password needed to enter)

Prize pools for biggest contests during the NFL season are always in the five figures, including a $25K guaranteed ($200 buy-in) and a $10K guaranteed ($20 buy-in). For sports other than the NFL, expect smaller guarantees and fields.

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DraftDay Interface

The lobby for DraftDay is one of the best in the business, with an intuitive interface with lots of power in the hands of players to customize what contests they are looking for.


The entire lobby is sortable just by clicking on columns, by sport, prize pool, buy-in, and starting time. Entering a contest is as easy as clicking “Play.”

On the lefthand side, players get even more control over filtering the lobby. Players can limit the lobby by:

  • Sport: Check only the sports you want to see
  • Field size: Move the slider to limit the field size you want to compete against
  • Buy-in: Move the slider to create a buy-in range you want to play.
  • Game type: Click for salary cap, pick’em, bracket and live draft contests
  • Payouts: Click to show games with certain payout structures: Double up (half the field paid), triple up (third of the field paid), qualifier (satellite contests to larger buy-in contests)
  • Start time

There is no mobile app available currently, but the mobile site is as good as is available on the market.

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DraftDay Drafting/Scoring

With a number of different types of contests available, setting a roster differs depending on the contest. For the popular salary cap contests, here is a quick rundown of how the different sports are drafted. All salary caps are $50,000.

  • NFL: QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, K, DST (Defense/special teams)
  • NBA: PG, PG, SG, SG, SF, SF, PF, PF, C
  • MLB: P, P, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, DH
  • NHL: G, 2 D, 2 RW, 2 LW, 2 C
  • Golf (PGA): Six-player teams

DraftDay Draft

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Setting a roster is extremely easy, and DraftDay puts a ton of information in the players’ hands. Once a player joins a contest, a sortable player list pops up, listing opponent, salary cap, and the player’s average fantasy points per game. Just click “add” to put a player on your roster; the interface moves to the next empty slot, so it can be filled.

In the player list, you can easily tell whether a player is dealing with some sort of injury. Clicking on a player brings up a wealth of information, including a player overview, statistics, a full game log, any relevant news regarding the player, and information about the player’s next opponent.

DraftDay Players

Perhaps the coolest feature of drafting a team is that the interface takes you automatically to a lineup editor, and it provides an easy way to enter your lineup in other contests for that sport.

Live scoring allows you to follow along with your contest almost instantaneously.

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DraftDay Deposits and Withdrawals

You can deposit money via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal. Restricted jurisdictions include Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Washington, and Puerto Rico)

Withdrawals can be made via Paypal or check, but there is a minimum withdrawal of $20.

DraftDay Deposit Bonus

DraftDay Deposit

DraftDay will match any deposit you make, up to $600. Like bonuses on most fantasy sites, the bonus is not automatically available, but is instead unlocked as you play in real-money contests. The bonus is release at a rate of 4 percent of every buy-in (i.e. if you enter a $20 contest, 80 cents of a bonus is released).

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DraftDay Promotions

DraftDay is constantly running a variety of promotions to give players added value for playing at the site. DraftDay also sometimes offer freerolls that award cash and schwag.

Here is a look at some of their promotions:

  • Last year, for the NFL season, DraftDay offered a million-dollar prize for anyone who picked a perfect roster — selecting the players with the highest point totals for each position that week. The top 50 scoring lineups each week also received a cash prize.
  • The DraftDay $5 Challenge allows existing players to invite new players. Once invited, the existing player can invite the new player to a one-on-one contest, with the winner getting $5.
  • Reaching certain levels of buy-ins in a given month qualifies players for freerolls with real-money prizes. Up to $3,000 in prize pools are available, depending on how much you play each month.

DraftDay Referral Code & Promo Code: ptpadmin

DraftDay Referral Program

DraftDay has two types of referral programs available. For the casual player, if you get someone to sign up and they deposit $25, both you and your referral get an entry to a $15 contest.

For people who are more serious about recruiting players to DraftDay, you can sign up for DD’s affiliate program, which operates more like other daily fantasy sports sites’ standard referral programs. Affilliates can earn between 10% (if your referrals create revenues of less than a thousand dollars) and 40% (if referral revenue exceeds $15,000) of their referrals’ fees.

DraftDay.com Promo Code & Referral Code: ptpadmin


DraftDay doesn’t offer the huge guaranteed prize pools of other sites. But the site is hard to beat for its powerful interface and the sheer variety of games you can play.