FanDuel Points – What You Should Know


If you are looking for a FanDuel VIP program, you won’t be able to find one, at least yet. But despite not offering an official program, FanDuel still finds a way to reward all of their players through the earning of FanDuel Points.

FanDuel Points points can be used to enter real money contests or qualify for FDP freerolls.

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Earning FanDuel Points

FanDuel Points — which are commonly abbreviated as FDP — are earned when entering any real money contest, regardless of whether you win or lose.

The amount of FanDuel Points earned is fixed at a rate of 10 per $1 of buy-in. This means that if you enter a $1 contest, you will receive 10 FDPs; if you enter a $10 contest, you will earn 100 FDPs.

The amount of FanDuel Points you will earn cannot be seen before you join a contest. After you join a contest, you will receive a message informing you that you will receive your FanDuel Points after the contest has been completed.


In addition to the regular earn rate of 10 FDPs per $1 of buy-in, FanDuel also holds the occasional special promotion where players can earn FanDuel Points faster than normal. Watch the promotions page on FanDuel for more information on these limited time promotions.

Using FanDuel Points

The only way that you can spend your FanDuel Points at the present time is by entering any real money contests.

You can find out how many FanDuel Points you have by going to your account, which can be found in the following way once you are logged in.


In the box below you will see how many unspent FanDuel Points you have accumulated.


To use your FDPs, you will first need to find a contest that you can enter with your FDPs. Once you have chosen a contest and have selected or imported your lineup, you will be given the choice to “enter using FDPs” which is located right next to the “Enter” button when go to submit your lineup.


FDPs – FanDuel Rakeback? Kind of

How Much are FanDuel Points Worth?

FDPs can be exchanged in any real money contest at a rate of 2,400 per $1 in buy-in, meaning a single FDP is worth approximately $0.000416 per FDP. You will earn enough for a $1 in contest entries for every $240 in buy-ins.

For a $10 tournament, you would need at least 24,000 FDPs in your balance. If you are looking for a FanDuel rakeback calculation, because 10 FDPs per $1 in buy-in is earned, you will earn approximately 4.16% of your buy-in fee back when you exchange FDPs.

This isn’t a lot but you will surely see the benefits of such a reward when playing frequently on the site.

Other Uses of FanDuel Points

Although using FDPs in real money contests is the only way to “spend” FDPs, there are additional benefits that you can receiving by accumulating FDPs including entering freerolls. FanDuel has also indicated that they have future plans for a proper FanDuel VIP program.


Players that accumulate a certain number of FDPs in a month will qualify themselves for a monthly freeroll that players can enter in the following month.

Bronze: $2,000 freeroll, requires minimum of 1,000 monthly FDP
Silver: $5,000 freeroll, requires minimum of 5,000 monthly FDP
Gold: $6,500 freeroll, requires minimum of 15,000 monthly FDP
Platinum: $13,000 freeroll, requires minimum of 50,000 monthly FDP

Players can enter each freeroll that they qualify for. This means if you earn 50,000 FDPs a month, you can play in each of the four freerolls. They will be posted the night before the freeroll and will only be available to those that qualified

Remember, these points are not “spent” on these freerolls — you just need to accumulate them during the month.

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