FantasyAces Full Site Review and Promo Code

We know that DraftKings and FanDuel are the two biggest sites in the industry. There could be an argument that #3 is currently Fantasy Aces. Fantasy Aces offers live finals, along with 2 types of salary cap based games, giving the user a unique experience that has allowed them to grow in popularity in the DFS Community.


Mississippi Daily Fantasy Players Lose DraftKings, FanDuel

The two largest daily fantasy sports sites, DraftKings and FanDuel, have updated their terms and conditions to reflect that they are no longer servicing players from the state of Mississippi. The news comes on the heels of an opinion from the Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood that daily fantasy sports were not lawful in the state.


Create FanDuel Contests in 3 Steps

Not satisfied with the available contests at FanDuel? Want to play a private game with your friends? That’s no problem at FanDuel, as you are allowed to create a contest for either head to head or league contests


FanDuel Thursday Night On TNT

One of the best parts of playing daily fantasy sports is that it makes watching the games much more interesting. Thursday nights on FanDuel attempts to capture that excitement with FanDuel Thursday TNT contests for its daily fantasy basketball action.


How to Use the FanDuel Mobile iOS App

With 4.5 stars and 286 mostly positive reviews, the FanDuel iOS app is a well-done mobile app that is popular option to play daily fantasy sports at FanDuel while on the go. And best of all, if you have a FanDuel account and a mobile device, it’s very easy to set up.


Earning the First Deposit FanDuel Bonus

The first deposit bonus provides a great lucrative reward as you try out the real money contests at FanDuel. At FanDuel, even though they offer a comparatively small bonus of 100% up to $200 — players can earn the equivalent of 40% of their fee back while they are earning the bonus.


A Review of Top Week 7 GPP Tournaments

Putting aside the attention grabbing prize pools of Week 1, the major guaranteed prize pool tournaments of daily fantasy sports had largely stabilized. That is until Week 6, when player activity finally caught up to some of the headlines the industry has received over the last couple weeks.


DraftKings Data Leak Controversy Goes Mainstream

Week four of the NFL season proved to be the wildest yet and not because of what happened in the games. A controversy regarding the posting of DraftKings lineup data has raised serious questions about how daily fantasy sports sites handle info and reinvigorated the debate of whether the industry needs to be properly regulated.


Draft Ops Full Site Review and Promo Code

Have you been looking for a smaller alternative site to play daily fantasy sports at? Draft Ops may just be that place for you to call home. The Doumani real estate family based out of Las Vegas, and the former owners of the Tropicana Casino have recently launched one of the newer DFS site — Draft Ops. Draft Ops is serious about becoming a big player in the daily fantasy sports scene, and has already shown they have deep pockets.


Draftpot Full Site Review and Promo Code

Draftpot is an up and coming site in the daily fantasy sports world. Created out of a dorm room at Columbia University, Draftpot launched in Beta mode in April of 2015. The site then went live a few months later in August of 2015. So what differentiates Draftpot from the other guys? Their claim to fame is “Daily Fantasy Sports Without the Salary Cap”! We’ll talk more about this as we get into the game modes offered.

Vulcun logo

Комплексный обзор сайта Vulcun

Как выигрывать реальные деньги, составляя виртуальные команды в сфере киберспорта? Этот сайт для лубителей составлять виртуальные спортивные команды из участников многопользовательских компьютерных игр очень быстро стал ресурсом, на котором регулярно разыгрывается крупный гарантированный призовой фонд.


Fantasy Feud Full Site Review and Referral Code

Fantasy Feud may not be the largest DFS operator, but they are a very solid option for players looking for a smaller site to play at. The website is a little bit different than others, because it allows you to talk to other challengers, and play against them in a wide variety of fantasy game types.


How to Pick a FanDuel Lineup

You know how FanDuel works and you have your money deposited on the site. Now it’s time to find a FanDuel contest and draft your team. It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of playing daily fantasy football.


DraftKings Full Site Review

As one of the two current giants in the daily fantasy sports industry, along with FanDuel, DraftKings offers big prize pools, a large user base, a wide away of sports contests, and a rich daily fantasy sports experience for players of any level.

Fan Duel 720x250

FanDuel Full Site Review and Promo Code

FanDuel is one of the biggest daily fantasy sports site in the world for a reason other than just its aggressive marketing campaigns. It has the most contests and traffic, the biggest prize pools, and a clean and easy-to-use interface that set it apart from the competition.


AlphaDraft Full Site Review

AlphaDraft is the first of it’s kind when it comes to daily fantasy eSports. Founded by Todd Peterson, AlphaDraft is a new kind of daily fantasy eSports game. The company was founded in May of 2014, and then the company launched it’s DFeS web application in January of 2015.


Tips for NFL Preseason Daily Fantasy Sports 2015

Daily fantasy sports sites are catering to player’s insatiable desire for more daily fantasy football. With the NFL still a half a month away, that means NFL preseason daily fantasy football is filling the void. How should you approach these unpredictable games so you’re not throwing darts.


StarsDraft Full Site Review

StarsDraft is an up and coming daily fantasy sports site that is operated by Amaya (the parent company of PokerStar’s). They recently bought the DFS site formerly known as Victiv, and rebranded it into StarsDraft. With the user base and financial backing of a company like Amaya, we look for big things out of StarsDraft in the near future.


DraftKings Inks $300 Million in Funding

Nearly a month to the day an ESPN funding deal fell through, DraftKings has announced that they have secured an additional $300 million in funding led by FOX sports. Of the $300 million, FOX Sports has committed $150 million with the agreement also calling for DraftKings to spend $250 million in advertising over the next three years at FOX Sports.


Yahoo Launches Daily Fantasy Sports

“You didn’t seriously expect Yahoo Sports to ignore the daily fantasy boom, did you?” That’s the word from Yahoo today upon today’s announcement that they had launched a new daily fantasy sports product called Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy.


Beckett Media Launches Daily Fantasy Sports Site

Beckett Media has officially launched their new daily fantasy sports site Beckett, which is most commonly known among sports fans as the name behind the popular sports card price guides and grading services, purchased WPS Fantasy in April 2014 to begin branching out into the fantasy sports world.


How to Qualify for FanDuel Freerolls

Each month, number one daily fantasy sports site FanDuel offers players the chance to qualify for $15,000 to $25,000 in freerolls. A way to play daily fantasy sports for free, freerolls are an excellent way for you enjoy DFS while having real money on the line but still not break your pocket book.


ESPN Welcomes Cynthia Frelund as New DFS Host

When DraftKings partnered with ESPN back in early April for a rumored $250 million, one of the benefits touted at the time was how ESPN could bring daily fantasy sports to new levels. This week the industry got a taste of what the new world would like when a new ESPN fantasy sports analyst, Cynthia Frelund, was introduced to the ESPN team.

DFS Legality

Is Daily Fantasy Sports Legal?

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) is now everywhere and is being embraced by leagues and top internet portals such as Yahoo. Is there now any question about daily fantasy sports legality and what has taken major interests so long to fully embrace DFS?